Applying the SAFe Dual Operating System in Government

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There exists within every enterprise what some might view as two opposing organizational forces: one is more traditional and hierarchical; the other is fluid, flexible, and poised to develop the new digital solutions needed to adapt to the evolving needs of citizens. Both are necessary and both have value, which is why SAFe reflects them as a dual operating system.
In this talk, Dr. Steve Mayner described experiences and lessons learned in applying the dual operating system in a government context. He shared recommendations that agencies and contractors can use to implement and operate the SAFe dual operating system so that they can quickly develop the innovative software and systems that serve the nation’s security, economic, and social needs.
In this webinar you’ll learn:
Untitled design (15) Tips for implementing SAFe in government!
Untitled design (15) Real world examples in government contexts!
Untitled design (15) Hear how value streams enable rapid response to the needs of citizens!


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